Album Review: Lola King and the Kickstarts, The Handmade Tale of Lola King


Lola King and the Kickstarts debut album, The Handmade Tale of Lola King, switches between polished indie tunes and rawer acoustic jams.

Lola King sings with a heavy English accent, kind of like if The Kooks were fronted by a woman, or if Kate Nash was a better musician. The album is led by two singles. The Great Divide, the first song on the album, sounds eerily like that song Lily Allen did about premature ejaculation. Thankfully the whole album doesn’t sound like this.

It’s still pretty enjoyable and catchy and an overdriven guitar riff might catch you a bit off balance. The second single, Bounce Together, is an acoustic pop song that seems to try a little too hard. Another stand out track is Your Own Beat towards the end of the record which has a much more reggae beat and almost a bit of rapping in the bridge.This isn’t a record that hasn’t been heard before, it doesn’t really break the boundaries. They do change up the sound of the band a bit with some interesting sounds that break what would otherwise be a bit of a monotonous record (see This is Not a Love Song).

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