An Interview with Reverend and the Makers


James Rawlings got to speak to Jon McClure, frontman of Reverend of the Makers from Sheffield.

JR:  So fourth album now?

JM: It’s called ‘ThirtyTwo’ after my age and is our best work to date.

JR: I saw you recorded it with Martin ‘Youth’ Glover and James Welch. How was that different?

JM: Well Martin Glover’s worked on ‘Bittersweat Symphony’ which is a bonafida classic and a total legend and James is great, he’s a big house producer, knows about how to make proper dance music so we can straddle the gap between rock n’ roll and dance music better than anyone before.

JR: Is that the new direction you’re going in?

JM: Well the last album was very dancey and people love it. The tour sold out. We’re lucky that we’re totally independent from the mainstream because of word of mouth and twitter and we’re killing it. We provide a bit of an antidote for that and make the songs we want to make.

JR: You’ve been using word of mouth and twitter to promote a lot of the house gigs you’ve been doing. How many are you doing?

JM: We’re doing thirty two in the van. Its been cool, even had a successful wedding proposal. Rather than national press you’d rather read a blog or something. Its great because it breaks down the barriers that the press use to contain.

JR: What’s it like going out in the van?

JM: It’s me and my mate Breaking Bad style in the camper van. Its amazing, people love you for it. People love it. Mix up the demographics or people who don’t follow the music industry.

JR:  After that you’ve got a big tour?

JM: It’s been selling really well and we’ve got some great venues lined up, then after that its festivals. Onwards  and upwards.

JR: Are there any particular festivals you’d like to play?

JM: It’s a bit early yet, only the big headlines announced so far. But I love, its sunshine music. It’s a great thing, I do like a festival and I’m hoping to do as many as possible.



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