Blind Date: When Abi met Jacques

Abi Bryant, a 20-year-old Law student, and Jacques Tsiantar, a 19-year-old English Literature student meet for the Waterfront blind date.

Abi on Jacques

Abi Bryant Blind Date

What were your first impressions?

Really good first impressions. He was really friendly and very smartly dressed.

What do you think of the choice of venue?

We went to Noah’s Yard, which is one of my favourite bars in Uplands so I was really happy with the venue. Perhaps it was a bit busy as it was a Saturday.

Any striking conversation points?

Well, we were both from Manchester and actually live quite close so we obviously had that to talk about and it was nice to talk to another Northener!

Any awkward moments or silences?

There weren’t any awkward moments at all really! The conversation flowed and as far as I was aware it didn’t seem awkward at all.

Out of ten, what is your compatibility score with the other person?

I would say maybe a six as although we were from the same place, we didn’t have that much in common, for example, I love sport and going out and he liked neither.

Would you introduce him to your parents?

Yeah, he seemed like the type of person I would happily introduce to my parents, as he was very polite and well mannered.

Generally, how did you think the date went?

I think it went really well considering we had never met or spoken before. I was concerned it would be awkward but it wasn’t at all and he was a really nice guy.

Would you like to meet again?

Yeah, I would definitely meet again but maybe just as friends as I think our interests are just too different for anything else to develop.

Jacques on Abi

Jacques Tsiantar Blind DateWhat were your first impressions?

When I found out we were both from Manchester, I thought; cracking. I was a bit apprehensive about meeting up with someone Welsh because, frankly, I’m still having a bit of trouble with understanding the accent.

What do you think of the choice of venue?

Noah’s Yard: fantastic place but for the most part we were sat next to one of my lecturers. I felt he was giving me a bit of moral support, in a sort of, not speaking to me or recognising me, sort of way.

Any striking conversation points?

It was all light hearted; it’s not like we were up for a night of breaking boundaries of modern thinking or anything.

Any awkward moments or silences?

Hey, nobody said blind dating was easy. Sure there may have been a couple of brief moments but I didn’t really find it awkward at all.

If you were to be married and have babies, what would you want your baby to inherit?
Psychic powers. Just like in X-men. That’d be sweet.

Out of ten, what be your compatibility score with the other person?
Depends what you mean by compatibility. I’d say a pleasant five, with an extra point on top of that for us both being northern.

Would you introduce them to your parents?
Sure, why not.

Generally how did you think that date went?
I think it went swimmingly. We had a laugh and that, but it wasn’t so much a date as an evening of pleasant and interesting conversation.

Would you like to meet again?
In a social sphere, yeah, that’d be nice.

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Published in the issue 217, 1st October 2012

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