Dance Society’s talent thrills audience

Dance Society - Spotlight (3)

THE Dance Society showcased a wide-range of student talent that had the audience at the Taliesin captivated, writes Emma James.

The showcase proved to be a complete success with a range of styles, including Tap, Ballet, Bollywood and Hip- Hop taking the stage.

All of the performances were exceptional. However, the advanced Tap proved to be one of the audience’s favourite routines and stole the show by displaying a skilful and quick tempo routine.

The talent demonstrated by the dancers showed how creative and motivated the dancers actually are. The amount of effort the dancers put into creating the show was also clear on the night.

The riveting performances, from all aspects of dance, were not only incredible but also managed to make a magical night for everyone watching, and from the looks on the dancer’s faces, for them also.

The show seemed to finish too quickly, even though it lasted a few hours, which proves it was a fantastic night of entertainment.

As a result of the dancers enjoying themselves, it lifted everyone’s spirits and made it an even better evening than anticipated.

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