Debating Society scores its first win

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Swansea University Debating Society sent eleven of its members to Aberystwyth to compete in the Welsh National Debating Competition last month, writes
Jazmin Kopotsha.

Having made it through four rounds of the competition, society members Liam Dodd (fourth year physics student) and Ieuan Skinner (second year computer science student)broke to the final and went on to win the competition for the first time on behalf of Swansea University.

“In the final we faced two teams from Aberystwyth – one of whom was the favourite – and a team from Cardiff,” explained Liam Dodd, Vice President of Swansea University Debating society.

“The motion of the final was ‘this house believes that the media should fabricate and publish positive economic stories during prolonged periods of economic recession’ and Swansea drew Closing opposition.”

Alongside the success of one of the teams, Gemma Tuckwood (third year zoology student) broke both as a chair for the final round, and as a member of the panel of judges for the final. the competition was Swansea University’s strongest performance on record, with our other teams and judges achieving some amazing results.

Another team composed entirely of first year debaters, Ben Falkner and Ashley Wakeling, also scored very highly over the whole competition.

Swansea University Debating Society now has the rightful claim of having among the best debaters in the country. as a result of winning the competition, Ieuan and Liam have been invited to the International Mace in Dublin to compete.

“Following the success and recognition of Swansea as a strong university for debating we will be holding our own competition on the 15th of February, as well as aiming to build up the finances to attend the European Championships in Zagreb, Croatia later in the year.”

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