Exposed! The older men preying on students

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Looking for a cheeky hook-up? Relationships editor and dedicated researcher Holly Miller relived the single life on to see why the sex scouting website is popular and whether students are actually using these services. is “the UK’s naughtiest student hook up site”, but after a dabble in the online single world, I discovered that the site is not exclusively for fun-loving students.

While the homepage of the website presents you with the profiles of young, attractive students, after signing up under a false name, using a very old photo of myself, I quickly saw that most of the men on the website were older. They would rarely say hello before saying exactly what they wanted to shove in startling places.

Two hours into my research, and I’d received 42 messages. Admittedly, everyone likes a little ego boost and I felt quite chuffed. But I was surprised to see that of the 13 people who had ‘favourited’ my profile, only one was in his 20s.

It is easy to see how the website would appeal to busy students – studying hard and partying doesn’t leave much time for a serious relationship, and it’s understandable that a lot of people would fancy some casual fun. As long as it is safe and everyone agrees on the rules, what’s the harm?

For people who know exactly what they are getting into on a website like this, I say go for it. But I quickly discovered that it is not just harmless fun.

In the interest of fairness, I asked a male friend to sign up at the same time as me to see if women were quite as forward with their messages. That’s when we discovered that men have to pay to use the website.

While I could message people to my heart’s content, asking for pictures of them and if they were interested in “NSA fun” (no strings attached), men had to pay to do this?! This left me wondering why. Surely most students are able to go out and meet people at clubs or university? Why do we need to waste our hard earned loans on ‘hook up sites’?

I found that lots of the men felt the same way, as I had a few guys ask me why I was on the website, not out picking up guys on the streets of Swansea.

So who is actually on this site?

Of all the messages I received, for the most part the frankly frightening ones were from older men, labelling themselves ‘unhappily married’. These were the only men I chose to respond to simply by saying “I don’t talk to married men”.

Knowing their wives were probably only a room away from them while they trawled the internet for young and potentially vulnerable students infuriated me.

Most of the students who messaged me were very polite and articulate, and led me to believe that we are not just a generation of Jeremy Kyle layabouts.

I can also now say I’ve been invited to a “gangbang party”, with travel and accommodation paid for and “£500 at the end of the party for the party girl”. I think they thought I was a prostitute. Oh dear.

It can be argued that anyone who signs up for this knows what they’re getting, and to an extent I agree. But after one hopeless romantic had continuously messaged me, even giving out his address and phone number, my lack of response inspired him to ask, “why u being a bitch”. I was absolutely fuming. What right do blokes on the internet have to abuse someone just because they don’t reply to a creepy message?!

What surprised me the most (other than the gangbang party and men older and balder than my granddad trying it on) was how willingly these guys would give out photos, and would ask to Skype. It’s almost like they have not spent their days watching This Morning, learning about the dangers of cybersex from Holly and Phil!

You can filter messages to within a certain age range so you don’t find out what 64 year olds would like to do to you. But as this was in the name of journalism, I allowed all messages.

Despite “an auto ‘Not interested’ response sent on your behalf to —- because their message was outside your inbox filters”, lots of the same guys would continue to send filthy messages.

Now that my research is finished, I can’t wait to delete the profile and forget some of the things that had been said. Ultimately, it’s all about personal choice. If you sign up to one of these websites, you just have to know exactly what you’re going to get.

A lot of creepy old men, a few rude people, and you will see more penises than you ever, ever needed to see. So to anyone who is going to sign up, have lots of fun – but be safe. Be cautious and upmost, be prepared.

The following quotes are some of the cleaner messages received on so potential users can see what they’re letting themselves in for! Don’t read these if you are easily offended. (Names have been changed)

Fred, 19: “Well well well girl I love [a different word for cat] nowt more to say… I’m up for a bit of fun, nowt more to say.”

Jim, 50: “Does enjoying life extend to chatting with older married guys? If so maybe drop a quick hello and maybe we can chat and have a laugh?”

Ted, 47: “Horny – After a bit of sexy chat this afternoon as I am all alone in my office and feeling a bit naughty xxx”

Brian, 36: “I wondered if you love gangbang parties too or would like to try one perhaps? I run ‘The UK Gangbang Club’ if you wanted to come along one weekend for a party? It’s a Gentlemen’s Club and the guys that attend are nice, clean and friendly and it’s safe. Your travel costs are paid for, accommodation is provided and I’ve a website too if you’d like to see?”

Neil, 39: “You’re hot, I am 6 foot tall, right now I have **** thinking about you, want to see send email address, I would eat ***** until you are screaming for me… then I would ***** you until you ****. The reason I have no face pic is because of work, apparently I am cute.”

Carl, 23: “Just got into bed… Completely naked and starting to touch myself! Don’t suppose you fancy a sexy chat?? Promise you I will work hard to turn you on… Give me a shot!”

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