Interview: Blitz Kids

blitz kids

Bringing the thunder is something Blitz Kids do, writes Alex Ward.

Before the interview, one of the band is asking members of the tour crew if they’ve seen the clippers; for “shaving heads” apparently.

This, in fact, turns out to be one of the Cheshire band’s tamer hijinks – bassist Nic Montgomery gleefully describes scenes involving an onstage Jono Yates that are too rude to publish, whilst Yates turns an altogether noticeable shade of red.

With an electric live show that seeps energy from every sweaty pore of the venue we’re in, they play with a slickness that goes far beyond a band with only one full length and another, mini-album to their name.

That’s not hint at disapproval – their late 2012 offering, Never Die, is strong, succinct and the type of record you keep on repeat until your neighbours complain.

“Wild Hearts” is a particular highlight – at the album’s middle, it winds the tempo right down and provides a respite from a beating tempo that would have a hummingbird struggling to keep up – that is to say before it kicks back into overdrive again, with the high octane tone that is stamped across their music.

With an hour to think it over, you still wouldn’t be able to place the band’s sound – each listen brings out more influences; Kids in Glass Houses is the only certain one (they’re actually meeting them for a drink after the show).

“Me and Nic have been in a band together for twelve years – we were in a punk band, then we went heavy, then indie and now we’re in Blitz Kids,” says Jono.

What’s best is that it seems like it’s a natural progression to them; Never Die built upon their first, heavier, album Vagrants and Vagabonds.

If they continue with this trajectory, they will be big. This is a band that has the raw talent, yet a humble attitude that can win the ears of listeners and hearts of the media.

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