Interview: Katie Price


When you tell your friends you’re interviewing Katie Price, the reactions are on a spectrum from: “ask her about her boob jobs” to “ask her how she’s so amazing”.

She certainly turned heads at the launch of her new book, wearing a full body, flesh-coloured catsuit covered in prints of her face: “I don’t think that my costume is outlandish today” she said, inviting laughs from the room.

Katie’s latest book contains many explosive claims about her previous relationships and life choices. “When I was doing my reality show, nothing was scripted. They are real life dramas where stuff has happened and it’s still happening. With Pete and Alex, I was in a place I never thought I’d be,” she says, referring to her previous marriages and divorces.

Katie stresses that the stories in the book aren’t a form of retaliation, but a way for her to set the story straight: “What people have got to realize for the past three years, I haven’t done any interviews for magazines or newspapers, no photoshoots.

“Any speculation is because ‘a friend said this’ and it’s never from me. But in them three to four years, all the exes have done stories on me.

“So, why is it alright from them to slag me off, even though it’s lies that they’ve said, and not for me to set the record straight in reply to what they’ve said, but because it’s all come out in bulk everyone now think they’re kiss and tells, but in fact if they shut up in the first place I wouldn’t have to had mention them.”

For a woman who has been in the media more than she even imagined, Katie admits that the pressure can be stressful but she takes it in her stride: “I love getting stressed. I do get stressed; some things are because of certain reasons and other things are because of natural things. We all have a bit of stress in our life; no life is perfect. There’s certainly always a drama and something happening: always.”

Earlier this year, the previous-glamour model had sworn off surgery but admits that in the future she may consider further nip and tucks: “I might be Joan Rivers and Sharon Osbourne when I’m older but at the moment I don’t think I need anything like that.”

The mother of four is not just renowned for her turbulent life; she has been a successful businesswoman, which many people respect her for.

Even if the business ideas stop developing, Katie swears to never give up: “If all else fails, I’ll sell the eggs my chickens are laying at the moment.”

Katie’s latest book is out now, but in a moment of confusion, even she can’t remember the name of the hardback: “Love Lipstick and Lies or is it Lipstick Love and Lies… I always get it mixed up!”

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