Album Review: ‘I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it’ by The 1975

Harry Ballman

Undoubtedly, The 1975s debut self-titled album showed much promise, a natural flair for musicianship. They were the new, exciting and upcoming band of 2013, showing a unique character, encompassed by self-assurance. Q Magazine called the album hugely intriguing, and whilst their newest album is intriguing at best, I like it when you sleep unfortunately lacks the same amount of effortless poise. Remnants of the same jazzy, upbeat funky guitar tone seem to have diminished with their new album; a change in direction has tainted their first albums successes, shifting from a talented indie band to a far more mediocre pop-band.

The stand-out track reflects the potential of The 1975. Shes American strips the band back to their more raw, tone-focussed guitar sound instead of placing a heavy emphasis on 80s style synthesisers, a characteristic defining the entire album. Daft Punks Random Access Memories combines a similarly funky guitar sound with a melee of electronica and synthesisers to create an album at the forefront of the genre, a role-model piece for bands wishing to combat a unique and unexplored sound. Whilst many bands show a natural change in direction from album to album, I like it when you sleep proves too starkly different from the 1975s self-titled debut, and thus, they are almost an entirely different band.

A new style, a new sound, a new audience too. Proving challenging in many respects (my first listen for example, and the comprehension of a ridiculously long and unnecessary title) I like it when you sleep may potentially be an album thats played well on tour. The biggest test for The 1975 will be their mainstage slot at Reading and Leeds festival. Will they be able to pull off an upbeat indie set with an album that remains a decidedly challenging listen?

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