On the road with Pure Love

Pure Love Press shot

Pure Love is an English-American rock band made up of two ex-members from separate bands (Gallows and The Hope Conspiracy) who formed as a duo in July 2011 and have just released their debut album. Samantha Booth caught up with them at the Deaf Institute in Manchester during the middle of their tour.

WATERFRONT: This tour has 17 dates and this is the fourth show so far. Which venue and city are you most excited to play?

Frank Carter: Oh f***, tonight actually in Manchester! At the minute, I’m excited to play the next show and a lot of these shows as I’ve never played these venues before.

WF: How did you come up with the video for ‘Beach of Diamonds’?

FC: We wanted to do a homage to the film ‘Sexy Beast’, because we love that film. We had had enough of being in the studio and recording videos of us playing, so we thought that if we went out to Spain it would work out pretty well. We worked for 24 hours straight recording the video; from  2pm-4am and then getting up at 5am and filmed until 7pm, then jumping on a plane at 9pm. Exhausting! We didn’t get to keep the masks though.

WF: So how did you come up with the name of the band?

Jim Carroll: It came from a song title from a band who have a 70s jazz fusion style. We spent two weeks filled with texts conversation with each other on deciding a name. One day, the song just came up on my iPod and I texted Frank with the name and we just decided on it.

WF: Influences on the new album, influence of love, is there anything else as deep too?

FC: Is there anything deeper than love? I don’t think so. From a lyric perspective, it’s all about life’s mysteries that you want to solve as a human being. It’s about trying to find answers. And musically, it’s just perfect as an example of where we were and we wanted to make rock ‘n’ roll music.

WF: Your passion on stage is phenomenal as when you were in your previous bands. Do you think that still comes across on stage?

FC: I think it comes across better. A lot of the time in past, I was just really f***ing angry. And now I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and it’s an exciting time for both of us. People say “how can you bring the same passion from hardcore in to this?” But I never got that passion from hardcore, it was just in my heart.

WF: HMV is in administration – how is it going to affect the band?

JC: Luckily, we can scan all of our CDs and that balances it out somewhat but over here it’s different than the US as HMV is like the one big retailer, so when that goes away it’s kind of tough.

FC: It’s because everyone downloads nowadays. Illegally downloading music is just a strange phenomenon and will definitely affect music. A lot of
those labels don’t press a couple of thousand CDs for an artist now but they would have before to start a small band off. We are really lucky because we tour our arses off so we can sell it on the road and those sales really count. You’re more likely to buy it when you’ve seen the band give  everything on stage.

WF: Do you think this will lead to a rise in gigs then?

FC: The gigs are never gonna f***ing die. I think it’s stronger than ever.

JC: It’s hard for people who just want to put out music because you now have to tour to get to a certain point. I think there are lots of people that make music because it’s what they do, but they can’t necessarily tour which makes it more difficult.

WF: Festivals?

FC: We are playing Cruz Rock in Belgium and Pirate Satellite festival in Germany, but apart from that, nothing major booked yet in the UK.

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