Review: Anchorman 2

anchorman pic-3

It has been a decade since the original anchorman quietly passed through cinemas.

Since then it has slowly become a cult classic; endlessly quotable, it established Will Ferrell, Steve Carrell and Paul Rudd as big names in comedy. Those anxious that a poor sequel could tarnish the legacy of the original can relax; while Anchorman 2 isn’t as good as its predecessor, it is still extremely funny and surprisingly brave.

Moving from 1970’s San Diego to New York at the turn of the 80’s, we find Ferrell’s Ron Burgundy reunited with his Channel 4 news team. They are invited to be part of the first 24 hour news channel, where they inadvertently create trashy journalism which earns huge ratings before events take a turn for the worse.

While the plot is fairly uneven – possibly due to the cast’s tendency to improvise every scene- the film actually works as a satire of the 24 hour news cycle, while director Adam McKay includes a relevant message on the ownership of news corporations amongst the laughs and unexpected cameos.

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