Review: Her

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Her is the Academy Award-nominated film focusing on the life of Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix), a gentle but lonely writer of love letters for other couples, and the relationship he begins with his new computer operating system named Samantha, voiced by Scarlett Johansson, writes Lillie Halton.

Set in 2025, the notion of sophisticated computer technology such as the first artificially intelligent operating systems with personalities and feelings is not difficult to envision, thanks in part to cinematographer Hoyte Van Hoytema who creates a vivid and futuristic world, as well as costume designer Casey Storm, who dressed Theodore and his friend Amy, played by Amy Adams in vibrant clothes that perfectly matched the surrounding environment.

Spike Jonze is a triple treat in this feature; being the script writer, producer and director.

His witty and quick dialogue is delivered perfectly by Phoenix, who owns the screen each and every time he appears throughout the 126 minutes.

Not to be overshadowed, Amy Adams plays a great supporting role alongside Phoenix and their strong chemistry is clearly reflected in their shared scenes.

Despite receiving criticism for being labelled a “love story” and not a “science fiction film”, Jonze encapsulates the perceived future in a convincing way, which allows the blossoming and complicated romance between Theodore and Samantha to exist as an integral part of
the story.

This heart-warming, delicate and beautiful story will stay with you for weeks afterwards.

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