Review: Iggy Azalea, The New Classic

Iggy Azalea has a bit of a reputation to overcome with the release of this album.

She left home at 16 to pursue a career in music in America, which has drawn criticism as some think she’s appropriated Southern hiphop culture.

Her breakthrough first hit, “Pu$$y”, made some people think she was hyper sexualising her music.

Between that and some potentially racist and homophobic tweets the Australian MC has definitely made an impression, even if you haven’t heard of her.

Despite Azalea naming Tupac and Missy Elliot as her biggest musical influences The New Classic sounds far more contemporary.

While Azalea’s heavily accented lyrics tie the album together, each track sounds like it’s come from a different album released in the last couple of years. For instance “Walk The Line” sounds like Macklemore, “Don’t Need Y’all” sounds like Drake and “Goddess” sounds like Yeezus.

Otherwise the album is mainly Trap music.

Azalea has received a lot of personal criticism, though this shouldn’t have a bearing on her music.

The New Classic has received enough criticism itself for being unoriginal and forgettable.

It fails to really stand out and, while I’m sure some of the tracks are catchy, it doesn’t fully deliver.

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