Review: Less Miserable- Shoreline Theatre’s Annual Pantomime

Less Miserable

Written and directed by Will Windridge, this parody of a well-known classic musical, Les Misérables, tops any pantomime I have ever seen, writes Natasha Marsh.

From the opening narration I was doubled over with laughter and by the end I was reaching for the tissues to wipe away the tears, and not for the usual when watching Les Mis, but due to my tears of laughter.

With highly entertaining performances from Mark Lloyd, the Master, and Matt Ebbs, the Mistress, these two drag queens carried the show. Another performance which deserves praise is Jennifer Taylor who stayed in character through the play and also delivered a believable French accent.

The only problems I could find were the reference to the recently convicted Ian Watkins, which seemed to not be in good taste and even the audience chanted “too soon” . The final act seemed rushed compared to the rest of the play and some of the humour seemed to be forced.

However, it was the highlight of my week and was a real escape from deadlines and exam revision. It was definitely a must-see for all students and lectures.

One member of the audience had been to see it twice and I wish I had also.

Will Windridge is a play writer to look out for in the future. Congratulations Shoreline on creating a pantomime lover out of me.

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