Review: Locke


If people had to pick one actor to be the sole star of a film it is highly likely the public would pick Tom Hardy.

The British actor has risen to fame in the last few years with some stellar performances in the likes of Bronson and The Dark Knight Rises.

Hardy stars in Steven Knight’s bare bones thriller as construction manager, Ivan Locke, who has to the make the difficult decision of driving from Birmingham to London in order to be at the birth of his illegitimate child.

We soon learn that the child is a drunken mistake after the celebration of a big job seven months prior.

While other actors, such as Andrew Scott and Ruth Wilson, feature in the film you only hear their voices with Hardy being the only actor on

The actor manages to carry this heavy burden with a strong central performance backed up with a questionable South Welsh accent.

With a lot of the film’s tension coming from Hardy’s phone calls with his wife and kids, the calls are broken up by Locke confronting the ghost of his father.

The film rests solely on the shoulders of Hardy but luckily the actor packs the muscle to carry and the talent to enthral.

While it may have fallen flat if any other actor was in the driving seat, Locke manages to be a unique and interesting thriller that manages
the great feat of making concrete incredibly interesting.

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