Review: Somewhere Under the Rainbow: The Life and Times of the Annoying Girl in the Chequered Dress

somewhere under the rainbow

The 5th and 6th of December saw the students’ union’s Drama Society’s Christmas pantomime, ‘Somewhere Under the Rainbow: The Life and Times of the Annoying Girl in the Chequered Dress’, writes Jacques Tsiantar. 

Having never really seen a panto before I went with trepidation and fear to Divas but my anxieties were diminished instantly by a great display of acting talent and humour.

We were treated to a colourful array of characters, with fantastic costumes I might add, and the jokes came thick and fast, ranging from the classic “he’s behind you” all the way to jibes at Facebook and Swansea Met.

The acting talent was brilliant, especially from Harry Thurston for his frighteningly believable portrayal of what can only be described as putting Joanna Lumley to shame, and Josh Hutin as ‘Yellow Prick Joe’, who embodied what I believe the kids are saying nowadays, a ‘true lad’.

There was never a dull moment on stage, with marvellous musical numbers and some genuinely hilarious writing from president, Matt Ebbs and edited by arts director, Jodie Affleck. It had us all rolling in the aisles, and we all found ourselves shouting out and joining in on the comedy too.

All in all, the ‘Somewhere under the Rainbow’ was a fantastic mix of university humour and classic pantomime, towards which clearly a lot of time and effort had been invested. I’d keep an eye on the Drama Society with their upcoming shows including ‘The Importance of Being Ernest’ and ‘Peepshow’.

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