Review: The Borderlands


Found footage may be two of the scariest words in modern cinema but if you manage to get past the stigmatism of the sub-genre, The Borderlands has a lot to offer.

Elliot Goldner directs and writes this low budget British horror film that sees Vatican investigator Deacon (Gordon Kennedy) team up with techie nerd, Gray (Robin Hill) to investigate paranormal activities taking place in a quiet country church.

While this may sound like ground that has been extensively over trodden by many other horror films, it is the central relationship between Deacon and Gray that is the heart of the film, offering up a lighter side to the film.

The film shares DNA with the likes of The Blair Witch Project, The Wicker Man, The Exorcist and Ben Wheatley’s exceptional Kill List.

It may borrow the found footage style of Blair Witch but the technique is not gimmicky, it’s more Peep Show than Paranormal Activity.

The effects of the film are nothing to write home about but the film has a trick up its sleeve in the form of a truly terrifying conclusion that is as brilliant as it is ambiguous.

The film may not be ground-breaking but it is the rarest of beasts, a great modern horror film.

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