Review: The Comedy Club Christmas Cracker

With Christmas right around the corner we were treated to the latest edition of the comedy society’s annual festive show, writes Craig Hadley.

The opening sketch, produced by Liam Kelly, was seen to depict the age old problem of picking up women. Having brought in traditional comedic elements such as dressing in drag; the cast contrasted this to great effect with the student proving his worth simply by enjoying his alcohol in vast quantities. A good piece overall, but seemed to go on a little longer than necessary.

The first stand up of the night was Matthew Carty whose perceived creepy romantic comedic style went down well with the audience. With lines such as, “do you want a finger?” and “lady giblets”, Carty had the audience both appalled and in hysterics in equal measure. He finished with a very Jasper Carrott-esque routine on a ‘rent-a-bishop’ website, in which he picked out the issues with the site on a clipboard he had to hand. Much as Carrott critiques the stupidity of insurance claims; Carty picks apart the lunacy of a “platonic (friendly only) service” in which you can rent a bishop for the day. (4*)

The second stand up to take to the stage was the energetic Michael Yeubrey. He was reminiscent of a cross between Frankie Boyle and Michael McIntyre with his very edgy comedy mixed in with the inability to stand still while on stage. His enthusiasm brought the crowd alive; receiving laughs from such remarks as “having the rhythm of an epileptic woodpecker” when talking about his sexual prowess. On the edge of what’s acceptable throughout, but stayed safely within the boundary (even if he was tiptoeing towards it with every remark). (4*)

The final two stand-ups, Liam Kelly and Alex Davies, better known for their performances in sketches, found the transition to stand-up a difficult one. Kelly’s confidence on stage masked a fairly mediocre set; whereas Davies appeared too elaborate far too often for a standard comedy audience. A stand-up does not necessarily need to be a fast paced performer, but when you use the phrase “stuck between two pieces of bread” about 20 times you will be find it hard to find anyone willing to continue listening to you. Davies has a knack for sketch comedy but looks to be out of his depth when it comes to stand-up. (LK 3*) (AD 2*)

The evening’s host, Fred Cooper, stole the show with his reprisal of last year’s successful Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde sketch. The sketch revolves around the growing workload given to Cooper by his fellow comedic actor Alex Davies. Cooper is forced to take on the role of six characters in what is a fantastic two part sketch routine. His unrelenting energy makes the sketch a great success, as the lights close for the end of the show you know; he at least, has given the audience what they wanted; a Christmas cracker. (5*)

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