Review: The Vagina Monologues


On Thursday 19th February Swansea’s very own drama society Shoreline presented their annual performance of The Vagina Monologues in Divas, writes Hilary Webb.

The night was a hilarious, heart warming and inspiring production and it was all about vaginas. Performances of The Vagina Monologues are performed all around the world this time of year as part of the V-Day campaign, which uses the catchphrase ‘One Billion Rising’ to create awareness for the fight against injustice and abuse towards women.

Swansea’s women’s officer Rosie Inman started the night with a touching speech about the importance of campaigns such as the V-Day campaign. 10% of the nights profits went towards V-Day and the rest went to local women’s charities in Swansea, represented by Lynne Sanders from Swansea Women’s Aid and Swansea Women’s centre, which do fantastic work helping women throughout the area during times of crisis.

The event was organised by Verity Williams and Cerys Humphries, who organised the entire event which started with live performances from Cerys’ duo and the university’s Glee Club.

The performance of the monologues itself raced from hilarious monologues about angry vaginas to those more serious and touching, though keeping the humour and introducing the audience to new words for vagina, such as ‘coochie snorcher’.

Towards the end things became a bit more raunchy when the cast formed a ring around the audience to demonstrate all the different types of orgasmic moans, including the student moan and the welsh moan. The performance ended with a very intimate demonstration of the final moan from event organiser Verity Williams that was both hilarious and still completely serious.

After the performance we were encouraged to stick around for the raffle that had everyone talking, as the top prize was a Lovehoney ‘Magic Wand’, a sex toy costing around £74.99, as well as copy of the novel 50 Shades of Grey, hairdresser vouchers and all sorts of other on-topic goodies.

After the success of the performance and raffle the night had already raised around £681 a testament to Verity, Cerys, and all the Shoreline girl’s hard work. After all, while the evening was about the hilarious and touching monologues it was also about raising money and awareness for women’s charities around the world, it also proved that getting closer to gender equality doesn’t have to be boring.

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