Swansea take eVarsity title


Last weekend saw Swansea University’s Gaming Society dominate Cardiff in the 2nd eVarsity. The competition, now under the banner of Arrow’s Battle for the Mountain, provided 48 hours of entertainment for competitors and spectators alike.


The event, hosted in the School of Management’s Bay Campus facility, saw Swansea take the crown 7.5-1. With default victories in DotA, League of Legends, Magic and CS: GO, the team from Abertawe also saw victories in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, FIFA (Xbox One and PS4), Rocket League. In fact the only competition Swansea didn’t walk away with was Hearthstone, were the team narrowly lost 2-1.


The competition wasn’t all the event had to offer, with more social exhibitions running as well. Over the two days, there was numerous other events such as Magic drafts and free play of the titles on offer, including the newly released Pokken Tournament.


Players were also able to spectate the games in the School of Management’s Atrium, with both Hearthstone and Rocket League played on the big screens for the crowds to watch.

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Internal tournaments weren’t the only thing on the screens however, as over the evening there was also broadcasting of League of Legends’ LCS finals and DotA 2’s StarLadder i-League Invitational.


Guests were also welcome to try their hand at card gaming, where local company Gamer’s Emporium opened shop for the weekend to not only display their wares and services, but also teach the masses Magic. With Gamer’s help, the event also saw a total of three draft events and a Standard format tournament, all registered with Wizards of the Coast and officially judged.


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