Top 10 ways to be festival-friendly


1) Remember, you’re there to have a good time, so don’t go to a festival with someone who notoriously grinds your gears. They’ll probably steal all your booze, only want to see the bands you hate and use all your deodorant. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

2) Speaking of sharing, go prepared. Nobody wants to share their toothbrush with you.

3) If your boyfriend or girlfriend can’t stand your friends, doesn’t like live music and public toilets, don’t take them.

4) That said, if you can’t stand your boyfriend or girlfriend’s friends, or any of the above, don’t go to a festival.

5) If you know you are that person that is prone to the disappearing act when you’re leathered, give yourself some form of Lost and Found tag. Name, campsite etc…. your tent will be soiled on if everyone had to miss the headlining act because you got lost and ended up on the SOS bus.

6) Items of value: if you take your iPhone, there’s always the possibility that it may get stolen, lost in a drunken stupor or left in a portaloo. However if this does happen, you may just have to accept your loss. There is nothing worse than having to accompany a sobbing friend round
the campsite with a torch, asking everyone and anyone if they’ve seen an iPhone/camera/something else of major importance. Keep it safe or take something of less value that does the same thing, i.e. the good old 3310.

7) If you are in the company of friends whilst with your partner, don’t be THAT couple. Everyone hates THAT couple. I.e. the ones that can’t leave each other’s side and get sunstroke within two hours.

8) PROMISCUITY: Safety first. THEN TEAMWORK. Make sure everyone you are camping with knows where you are and always make sure
you are well within a safe environment and fully protected. ‘Nuff said.

9) Appropriate dressing. Lets be realistic, we live in the UK, not Spain. If you get hypothermia at the storm that is called Glastonbury because
you’re wearing tiny shorts and not much else, no one will be willing to lend you their parka.

10) And don’t forget, its all fun and games until somebody loses an eye. Don’t shoot vodka through your peepers, it only results in a casualty.

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