Ways to make yourself more attractive to potential partners

London School of Attraction

A NEW service is offering to help people make themselves more attractive.

Whether it’s to pick up someone in the bar or for personal confidence reasons, knowing how to approach people is vital. The London School of Attraction runs courses for men, women, business and online dating support. Set up by Doug Haines and Alex Chubb, the school aims to move away from the services that are closer linked to The Game; a non-fiction book written by Neil Strauss as a documentation of his journey in
seduction and pick up.

Instead, the school offers a natural, long-term target of building confidence to approach and hold conversation with people.

We took a trip to London to meet with 29-year-old Doug, who specialises in male coaching. Doug is a down-to-earth, experienced coach but he even admits that he still has trouble finding women now: “I by no means call myself an expert in this. Some women do find it weird when I explain
my profession to them, but once they understand, it’s not a problem.”

Their main customers tend to be young professionals who are coming out of a long-term relationship in a busy lifestyle.

For users of online dating services, the perfect profile is hard to define. Doug offers the advice: “If you’re funny, instead of saying that, make your profile funny and that way you are showing people your qualities.

Polarize your opinions and move away from generic answers of ‘Enjoys: Reading, Food, Socialising’ and then focus on the honest views and flaws of yourself. This way, you get a smaller niche of people whom you would be genuinely interested in.

“In terms of photos, a range of three or four that are interesting to look at are the best, especially if they can offer an insight into your life.”

At £850 a workshop, these courses aren’t for the majority of skint students, but the online blog at www.lsattraction.com/blog, offers wholesome advice that can be applied to many social situations. The most interesting of reads for students is most likely the Text and Phone category. Every
student comes across the “if I reply too fast, will it make me look needy?” crisis.

Jacques Tsaintar, a 20-year-old English student, said: “The best way to make yourself look more attractive is to be happy or appear to be happy. Nobody wants to go out with a sop.
“I guess this kind of service would give you confidence and make you more comfortable in appearing positive when it comes to dating.”


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