What can you do with an extra second?


by Josh Grindod

What can you do with an extra second? According to the Geneva Institute for Strategic Higher Workings of Hours, Eons and Seconds (GISHWHES), 2016 will be one second longer than usual due to a mismatch between the time displayed on atomic clocks and the observed rotation of Earth. Perhaps this extra second will pass you by as an unimportant blip, but I can think of one worthy way to spend your time: you could count to one.

Why one? Obviously, given only a second, you can’t go much higher. But keep in mind, once it was the case, even given all the time in the world, that you couldn’t count as far as one. Like all things in life, it came in time with practice and perhaps a few tears, but eventually you worked it out. Sooner than expected, you could count to two, then three, and then a veritable kaleidoscope of numbers. Now you’re so used to the whole thing that you never stop to reflect on how hard it was to first make it to one.

Perhaps you’ve just graduated. Perhaps summer saw worrying resits. Perhaps you’ll be joining us in Swansea for the first time this September. Whatever the case, anxious and difficult times may lie ahead and it’s natural to feel nervous about the future. But remember, however hard it seems, one day it will seem as easy to you as counting to one feels now. Just take each second at a time.

Read more at: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2016/07/leap-second-added-year-december-time-clocks-earth-science/



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