When James met Bipolar Sunshine


Adio Marchant, AKA Bipolar Sunshine is one of Swansea University’s many headlining acts for the 2014 Summer Ball. Ahead of the festivities James Rawlings got to have a quick chat with him on the phone.

JAMES: How would you describe your music?

ADIO: An eclectic mix of genres I love the most: hip hop, R&B and a mix of Indie. In the Manchester environment there’s a lot around and I’ve tried to bring as much sound and energy to my music as as possible.

JAMES: Having used to write with Kid British how different have you found writing music on your own?

ADIO: I still write on my own. I’m trying to capture something of myself, so I try and keep myself writing until I get what I want.

JAMES: You work a lot with producer Jazz Purple. What does he add to the music?

ADIO: Yeah he’s the main producer that I work with. He has a lot of input. It’s easier when you find someone on your wavelength and who can also produce. I can’t produce so we get a sound and a song and we talk about it and push it. We find we’re both on the same wavelength.

JAMES: You recorded a song with Rudimental, would you record with them again?

ADIO: Depends, if they come up with the right ideas. It was fun to work with them and get some music made.

JAMES: Who would you like to collaborate with?

ADIO: At the moment, someone like Morrissey would be the big one I’d like to work with, if he wanted to do it. Maybe Andre 3000, there’s lots of people I’d like to work with.

JAMES: You’re playing a lot of festivals this summer, excited?

ADIO: Yeah definitely, when the sun is out and everyone’s already in a joyous mood you just go with it.

JAMES: What are your shows like?

ADIO: I have my full band, drums, bass guitar. From there we push everything forward and keep it simple to ensure that we can keep that kind of atmosphere that everyone’s getting involved with.

Bipolar Sunshine’s single “Where Did The Love Go” is out now. Buy your Summer Ball ticket for June 9th here.

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