Join a society and expand your horizons


Coming to university is one of the biggest decisions of your life and it opens doors to so many things.

One of these is becoming a part of a society. Swansea University covers a wide range of interests from the Baking Appreciation Society to Xtreme Radio to the Game of Thrones Society. But why should you join?

  1. Firstly there is a society for everyone because there is such a broad range. There are academic societies that set up study groups for exams and others like the Hogwarts Society that set up socials of sorting ceremonies, Yule balls, or workshops where you can make your own wand. If the society you want doesn’t exist, all you must do is get 20 signatures to propose a new one.
  2. Societies allow you to explore and enjoy your interests throughout your time
    at university, whether you want to try something new or carry on hobbies you already have. It opens doors to activities and experiences you haven’t had before.
  3. Societies also allow you to broaden the variety of people you meet – you meet people through halls and your course but societies add to that. The best thing about it is that these new friends will share the
    same hobbies and interests as you do.
  4. Societies give you invaluable skills such as teamwork and dedication and problem solving which you can apply to all aspects and areas of life. It also allows you to pursue career skills for example theatre, journalism or radio.
  5. Society socials often involve a lot of themed nights out such as Hawaiian, pub golf,
    Shakespeare, knights and many more. These nights are often ones not to be forgotten.
  6. Lastly you can become a committee member and help run the society or organise socials. This looks great on your CV while also being very enjoyable.

Ultimately the main reason to join societies is to make new friends, have fun and gain invaluable skills from new experiences.

For more information, see the societies page on www.

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