A £50 Thank You for Staying Put!


Students who decided to stay on in the same house this year with SAS Lettings got a nice surprise.

The campus based accommodation service decided this year to reward students who all stayed on in the same property for next academic year.

Said manager Steve Daniels: “From an operational side it means that we do not need to do much in those properties during the summer and it is a nice reward for students who were happy to stay on anyway.

“We are aware that a lot of letting agents offer incentives up front for students to go with them but we didn’t want to be seen to be influencing students in that way – we wanted them to make up their own mind where they wanted to live and with whom.

“No student was aware we were going to be doing this. We only notified them a couple of weeks ago that we would be giving them these vouchers as a thank you for staying on with us – this was over three months after they had committed to stay with us in the same house.”

Each student has been given a £50 Amazon voucher. The winners were: Hafan Plentyn – Chloe Wakeham and Jessica Mclean. King Edward Road – David Watkins, Peyman Mollaei and Aled Evans.; Beach Street – Nathan Morris and Lewis Gale; Fleet Street – Daniella Woodward.

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