Airplane downed at second campus

Photo Credit: BBC Wales

A LIGHT aircraft made an emergency landing next to the second campus development.

The pilot and two passengers escaped unharmed and the Air Accident Investigation Branch are looking into the cause of the landing.

Workers on the £450m development claimed seeing “a light aircraft with smoke coming from it” coming down into the sand dunes surrounding the new campus.

The owner of the aircraft, Derek Clyde, said the plane had suffered an engine leak.

He went onto say: “It is just one of those things. There was an engine leak. I take my hat off to the pilot. He made a perfect landing.

“It was the only place he could land. I’m glad nobody was hurt. But now we’ve got the problem of moving this before high tide.”

“He is a ex-RAF pilot and very experience. The engine developed issues five to 10 minutes from Swansea Airport.”

The plane was being rented by a Yorkshire tourist who is an amateur pilot flying from Swansea to Hampshire.

A South Wales Police spokesman said: “Emergency services were called to Jersey Marine at around 4pm today following reports that a light aircraft had performed an emergency landing on the beach. Three people on board were uninjured.”

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