Anti-fracking protests halts building works on second campus


CONSTRUCTION work has been suspended at the second campus after anti-fracking activists staged a protest.

The group Reclaim The Power says it has blockaded the site on Fabian Way and shut down construction.

The blockade started at 6am and there were long delays back to the motorway.

Protestors are demonstrating against “tens of millions of public money being funnelled into research into fracking via Swansea University’s new Energy Safety Research Institute.”

Reclaim The Power went on in their statement: “Ironically the Bay Campus will end up under water if research they are doing means we frack our future.”

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The university refuted this allegation in February after The Waterfront investigated the flood risk after the St. Jude storm:

Ian MacPherson, Deputy Director of Estates Services at Swansea University, said: “The site was raised as part of flood prevention measures to provide floor levels of between 7.6 and 8.0m above mean sea level. This is in line with Welsh Government Technical Advice and Environment Agency Wales guidance. In addition the sea defences are being strengthened and upgraded to provide a residual flood risk of 1 in 200 years.”

A spokesperson for South Wales Police said: “Around eight protesters accessed the site this morning and are conducting an anti-fracking protest.

There has been heavy congestion in the area due to vehicles being unable to access the construction site and tailing back onto the main carriageway.

South Wales Police acknowledges the right to peaceful protest and say they will work with protesters to facilitate any lawful protest while minimising disruption to the community and ensuring public safety.


The closure follows the evacuation of a new accommodation block on the campus last week after it caught fire.

15 firefighters tackled the blaze as thick black smoke poured out of the building that was reported to have been seen as far as Bridgend.

Nobody was injured in the fire and the cause has yet to be confirmed, although it is thought to have originated in a shower unit.

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