Be the Change You Want to See, Says Officer Elect


LAST year in December I attended NUS Black Students Conference in London where I heard speeches from inspirational speakers such as Dr Nathaniel Tobias Coleman, Research in Philosophy at UCL who addressed the question ‘Why is my curriculum white?’.

From there I was inspired to return to my campus to carry work on addressing the issue of the attainment (Belonging) gap between BME students and their white counterparts.

After different initiatives and work in partnership with Swansea University Equal Ops team in holding a Black students forum – first in Swansea in two years – myself and Sara Correia (who has worked tirelessly in supporting and helping) drafted a paper on the Attainment Gap which we delivered at Developing Diversity Competence Conference in Edinburgh.

Who would have thought that a volunteer part-time officer in his final year undergraduate would be delivering a paper about an issue which is dear to Black students all over the country? And to my surprise, one of the keynote speaker chosen for the conference was one of the very people who motivated me… Dr Nathaniel.

I want to end by encouraging students from all across the country, get involve with your union, run for full time or part time officers, become liberation officers. Be The Change You Want To See!

If you would like to find out more about the conference or interested in becoming next year’s part-time BME Officer, do not hesitate to get in contact: bmeofficer

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