Bikini Boy Shock for Open Day Parents


STUDENTS are being warned not to take part in NekNominate, the online drinking game sweeping campus, after two young men died.

The game involves people accepting dares to down alcohol whilst performing various stunts. They then they nominate up to three people to do the same within 24 hours.

Dares are recorded and uploaded onto a social media networks.

Drinks have varied from pints of household cleaning fluids to various alcohols.

The deaths of Dublin DJ Ross Cummins, 22, and Jonny Byrne, 19, from Leighlinbridge, have been linked to NekNominate after both partook in the drinking game on the evenings they died.

One male Swansea University student was caught on campus recording his contribution to the craze on a university open day last week.

Video footage shows him riding a scooter to the entrance of Fulton House, removing clothing to reveal a flower-patterned bikini and then ‘necking’ a pint of beer, before being questioned by security staff.

Prospective students and their families saw the event as they were on a tour of the building.

A university security guard saw the incident and said:

“We saw parents looking out of the window confused as there was a man in a bikini outside Fulton House.

“I went and asked him what he was doing and he said he was doing it for a bet.

“I asked him to cover up so he put on a dressing gown and left.”

The student posted on Facebook later:

“Probably wasn’t the best idea to do it on a open day. Wasn’t going to do it but after being nominated I felt I had no choice. Apologies for the appalling pint pouring and to all the prospective Swansea students and their parents I have scarred for life.”

Other NekNominate videos show a woman on horseback riding into a Tesco store to complete her nomination.

Meanwhile, some students have drunk their own urine as part of the challenge whilst others have completed their nomination in lecture theatres.

Some Swansea University students see the drinking game as ‘harmless fun’ with others creating comical videos which parody the NekNominate craze.

Hannah Davies, a third year Geography student believes the craze is only another outlet for students to perform their drinking skills:

“I feel half of them are just people showing off to show how much they can drink, those people would probably do that anyway and not just because they have been NekNnominated.”

Grace Hurt, third year English Literature student said: “It is, for the most part, harmless fun. If you’re given something ridiculous just don’t do it. It’s common sense

The students’ union and university both condemn the game on the grounds of irresponsible drinking.

A Swansea University spokesperson said: “The wellbeing of our student population is very important to us and we work closely with our students’ union to encourage our students to act responsibly.

“As a healthy university, Swansea and its students’ union have signed up to the Welsh Government Alcohol in HE Toolkit and have adopted a joint policy approach to alcohol and drugs.”

Becky Grimes, students’ union’s welfare officer said: “The union does not recommend taking part in the current social media craze #neknominate.

“We want all our students to take care of themselves and if they choose to drink alcohol, please drink responsibly and seriously think of the consequences of your actions.”

•To read Becky’s blog on the craze NekNominate visit:

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