Broken promises?


MANY of the manifesto pledges that the current full-time officer team made in 2013 have remained unfulfilled, the Waterfront can reveal.

07_Ceinwen_FINALPresident elect and current Societies and Services Officer, Ceinwen Cloney, has fulfilled the most points in her manifesto.
Miss Cloney has improved student awareness of the students’ union services and societies, introduced a bi-termly societies forum and produced society handbooks. She has also delivered the extra space for societies activities and storage that she pledged to secure.
However, she has been unsuccessful in introducing a shuttle bus service to and from the bus and train stations at the beginning and end of each term, and in running a second job fayre in conjunction with employability week.
Miss Cloney said: “I was told before starting my term in office that a second jobs fayre wouldn’t be possible as the university invite employers onto campus and they were very unlikely to come to the same institution twice in one year.
“As for the shuttle bus, I have investigated this and hoped to use the infrastructure seen in the Night Bus set up by the Women’s Officer. The stumbling block has been funding for the project, but I will keep looking!”

20_Charlotte (Medium)Sports Officer and Sports Officer Elect for the next academic year, Charlotte Peters, has thus far failed to complete all her manifesto points.
She promised to maintain equal levels of help and support for all clubs, introduce college intramural leagues, improving links with local schools, and lobby for greater subsidies on sporting facility fees.
In addition to this she pledged to improve match facilities, promote training courses for officials and to keep Wednesdays free for sports.
Miss Peters said: “I have tried my best and would like to think that I have maintained equal levels of help and support for all clubs.”
“As having a league set up is looking unrealistic for this year, I hope to at least have an inter halls or course tournaments in the summer with plans in place alongside the university’s sport strategy.”
She also said that she had contacted four local schools, but that she is “still awaiting these responses.”
However, she was successful in subsidising facility fees. She said: “I have formulated a document thanks to the input of the clubs and their experiences and met with the Director of Estates on several occasions.
“It is looking very promising that a new structure shall be in place for the beginning of the next academic year.”


Eva Donoghue (centre).

Eva Donoghue (centre).

International Officer, Eva Donoghue fulfilled two of her seven manifesto points this year. The pledge to create an Erasmus support group was fulfilled when the International Development Office (IDO) launched a buddy system for Erasmus students. She also pledged to support cultural societies, and did so throughout the year in celebrating cultural events.
The unfulfilled promises include introducing a welcome pack for international students, organising orientation events during the first term and monthly drop in sessions in Ty Beck.
Miss Donoghue said: [The welcome packs were] difficult to do as it is not cost effective to make a separate welcome pack.
“However, students were given the generic welcome pack with an added flyer with my face on it, with my job role on it [and contact details].”
Speaking of organising orientation events, she said: “I gave welcome talks to [incoming International students]. We also ran separate sessions in Café West with power points of a general international student guide to Swansea.”
She said the monthly drop in sessions in Ty Beck have not happened, “as most students are based on campus and come looking for me there.”
She remains optimistic about fulfilling her final manifesto point to set up an international student satisfaction survey sometime this month.


Becky Grimes

Becky Grimes.

Welfare Officer Becky Grimes, has completed two out of four of her manifesto points.
In her manifesto, Miss Grimes pledged to increase the number of staff working in student services, as well as to set up a free service to help students check their letting contracts, both of which have been completed.
She also wished to create an online advice service, run by the Advice Centre and trained students.
However she claimed there were cost issues, saying: “We just don’t have expendable cash at the moment.”
Miss Grimes also pledged to introduce healthier, more affordable food on campus, a manifesto point that has also been promised by next year’s Welfare Officer, Joel Gascoyne, and Societies and Services Officer elect, Jerry Isokariari.
Miss Grimes said: “Although we have an influence over the university, we certainly have no influence over campus catering. As far as I’m aware they are changing things up, so fingers crossed!”

RajaPlantCurrently suspended from office, President Zahid Raja has completed one out of five of his manifesto points.
Mr Raja successfully froze prices in JCs, however he failed to lobby the university to recognise extracurricular activities on students’ transcripts this year.
He said: “From next year, the SU will be able to award members of society and sports club committees.”
Additionally, students have not seen the free broadband promised this year to all those in private accommodation. Mr Raja said: “This will be completed over three years.”
He failed to conduct a full governance review of the Student’ Union, of which he claimed the reduction in number of FTOs from seven to five, was a part.
As a result, he said that there would be a wider review of the whole SU constitution launched after the full-time officer elections in March; however, this has not transpired.
Mr Raja said the project to increase protected bursaries for postgraduate students is in progress.
He also pledged to work towards increasing the block grant for the students’ union, which will help towards running costs. However, thus far no increase in the size of block grant has been announced.
Mr Raja also promised to guide the university through the Institutional review, which can impact on how well regarded degrees awarded by Swansea University are. The review is due to take place in the week starting May 12.
However, due to the ongoing investigation and Mr Raja’s suspension, he will be unable to complete this.

RosieCurrent Women’s Officer, Rosie Inman, who was recently elected as NUS Wales Women’s Officer completed three out of five of her pledges this academic year.
She successfully created equality forums and extended the union’s zero tolerance policy.
She also introduced a night bus service for the first semester of the academic year. However, whilst the pilot scheme was a success, the service no longer runs, due to a lack of funding.
Miss Inman failed to make free condoms and women’s items and information more widely available, and also failed to hold a referendum to change the Women’s Officer role to an Equalities Officer.
When asked for a comment, Miss Inman failed to respond.

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