Can you put a price on the dean’s comfort? Yes, £2k!

Nigel Piercy 4

SWANSEA University students have expressed their anger over the cost of furnishing Professor Nigel Piercy’s office.
The bill for £3277.55 included a sofa costing £2,220, a glass whiteboard costing £498, an office chair costing £465.95 and a desk costing £93.60.
All of the items were provided directly to the School of Management dean by the department’s operating budget.
The information was obtained via a Freedom of Information request put through to Swansea University.
This news comes during a year when School of Management students are no longer assigned an individual dissertation tutor, but meet in groups of 20 instead.
Third year Economics student Ryan O’Callaghan said: “I’m sure we were told in September this was down to cuts in the department, even though we’re still paying the same.
“So to hear that Prof Piercy is spending that much on money on items for his own office is ridiculous.”
Other students were quick to express their anger on social media.
Spanish and Italian student, Laura Ball, said: “Sofas are for relaxing, not for a working environment. The money would stretch a lot further if it were used for students’ needs.
“I think all staff expenses should be made public.”
However some students defended the dean.
Student Matt Bean said: “This ‘spending scandal’ is going too far. Spend money wisely yes, but this is not over the odds for this equipment.”
Despite this, many students remain angry at the amount of money spent.
Third year English Literature student Danielle Morgan said: “I wonder how much university accommodation furniture costs?
“My broken bed, stained chair and flooding shower certainly didn’t cost that much.”
Fellow English Literature student Hannah Etienne said: “That’s a year’s tuition fees for a British student! For all you know you could have been paying for that.”
Swansea University Students’ Union Part-Time Ethics Officer, Chris Whitty, commented on the costs, saying: “When students have been paying higher tuition fees and staff have taken real term pay decreases, I find it an absolute mockery of the university and its principles to give the dean of the School of Management these ridiculous bonuses.
“The money we pay in as students should be going towards a better student experience not Professor Piercy’s personal comfort.”
When asked for an official response, Swansea University failed to provide a spokesperson.

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