Costa given green light for Uplands


COSTA coffee has been approved to open an outlet in Uplands, despite fierce opposition.

Over 900 residents, students and local businesses had signed a petition against the national coffee chain, claiming it would hurt the independence of the area.

Labour Councillor John Bayliss, a recent graduate from Swansea University spoke for the national chain: “These people need to wake up and smell the coffee — there are already a number of national chains in the area.”

But Uplands Diner owner Lance Pardoe warned that Costa “would kill the small independents that are already in this area.”

A recent surge of new support for Costa comes after news of tax avoidance by rival chain Starbucks, who have now lost a 7% customer market share.

Student Will Kay condemned letting chains in: “Terrible idea! We need to stop letting huge brands overwhelm everywhere where there is character and charm. Uplands has its own quirky feel about the place – Nothing will beat a good cuppa from the diner when you’re hungover.”

Student Phillip Nicholl disagrees: “If people don’t like the idea of it then they should just boycott it, I myself am a fan of Costa and a convenient location in the Uplands would be amazing”

The Costa branch will be open 6.30am to 8pm. Work on converting the premises will now begin with the shop opening before the next academic year.

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