ELECTIONS: Becky clinches welfare

BECKY Grimes has won to become the next welfare officer of Swansea University Students’ Union.

With 54.3% of the vote, Becky beat Josh Gaskell in the last round, who came second with 31% of the vote. The re-open nomination option received 2.3%

Becky Grimes

Becky Grimes.

Becky, a medical sciences and humanities student, has promised in her manifesto to increase the provision of healthy and affordable food choices within the university’s food outlets and create an online advice service run by the Advice Centre and trained students.

She also promised to improve the wellbeing service:  “We really need to sort out the wellbeing service. Only 1.35 counsellors for the entire student population is ridiculous and I really am a big fan of making sure that everyone is mentally well.”

Meanwhile, Mr Gaskell said: “Becky had a really strong campaign team, she’s fantastic… I’m really proud of my friend base and support team, but at the end of the day, she really put the effort in.”

Having worked for the Students’ Union and being a part of the St John LINKS committee for the past two years, Becky claims that she knows what will make a difference to the university experience.

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