ELECTIONS: Zahid Raja becomes next president

ZAHID Raja made history after being elected president of Swansea University Students’ Union for the next academic year.

The current education officer won his campaign in a landslide victory with 77% of the vote, beating Lexi Woodward on 21%, making him the first black president of the Swansea SU in over two decades.

At the announcement, there was a unanimous cheer and chanting of his name.  Mr Raja said: “It’s still not real.”

Zahid Raja (third from left)

Zahid Raja (third from left)

Mr Raja’s manifesto pledges to freeze the price of drinks in JC’s, increase the number of postgraduate bursaries available to Swansea students and reward students who take part in societies and sports in their university transcript.

Mr Raja also aims to extend the university’s wireless network EduRoam across Swansea, enabling students in private accommodation to have free broadband.

As education officer, Mr Raja has introduced the role of Subject Rep for students in each of their departments; delivered 78,000 new e-books into the library and has ended evening and Wednesday afternoon lectures for the next academic year.

Mr Raja’s campaign focused on the institutional review, which affects the university every six years. He vowed that his experience as education officer was necessary to lead the Union and university through this review in the next academic year.

He said: “My biggest priority is to make sure that our university gets through that institutional review and to secondly put our students’ union in a good place for when we move to the bay campus.”

“We need to have a real debate about how many sabbatical officers our students union should have, what they should be and how they should be spread between two campuses.

“I’d like to say thank you to all of the subject reps for anybody who had a doubt about the subject rep system, they are awesome. “

In other results, five out the six remaining sabbatical officers elected were women, including international officer Eva Donoghue and sports officer Charlotte Peters.

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