Footballers try out pole fitness

pole fitness lads 4

In light of the recent ban on Pole Fitness by the students’ union, members of the Men’s Football Club took to the poles to campaign for the society.

Joel Stevens-Leach, Tom Cullimore, Josh Allard, Fred Jackson and Michael Yeubrey took part in an hour session with the class leader, Dawn Roberts at the Monds Building, Swansea.

Former co-captain, Mr. Stevens-Leach recommends the classes to other men: “I’d definitely consider it as another way to get fit. It’s really hard and we’ve all found it challenging doing this.

“Before we came here I’d have though pole fitness was for women. But it’s not what you’d expect at all, it’s for men and women.”

Miss Muir said: “We wanted to see what they expect from a class, how that changes after they’ve been to a class, and to just have some fun with them showing their support for us”.

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