Half of students admit to having taken illegal drugs

By Chuck Coker reefer poster

TWO THIRDS of students have been offered drugs whilst studying at university, according to a new survey.
More than half of students (54%) also admit to taking some form of illegal drugs since they have been at university.

The results show that cannabis had been tried by 77% of that group, followed by Ecstasy / MDMA (39%), cocaine (24%), Mephedrone or meow meow (18%) and Legal Highs (17%).

The percentage of students who suspected their peers of drug taking was in fact much higher than the reality, with 90 per cent believing their peers were using illegal substances.

Oliver Brann, editor of studentbeans.com, the organisation that carried out the research, said: “The worry here is the perception rather than the reality. Young people are very peer-lead and if they think that all their friends are experimenting with drugs, they may be more likely to try it for themselves.”

In comparison, a snapshot of students on Swansea University campus estimated that 45% of their peers had taken drugs. Of the ten people asked if they had been offered drugs, half answered yes, with one admitting to having been offered drugs on campus.

However, when asked if cannabis, ecstasy and cocaine should be legalised, the majority said no. Only one supported legalisation outright.

Charlotte Britton, Swansea University students’ union welfare office, said: “You can get into serious trouble with the university for having illegal drugs, dealing drugs on campus or in the residences. If you do want help, we are here for you. You can approach Student Support Services and the SU Advice Centre for confidential, non-judgemental support.”

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