Liberation Award


By Akosua Darko

The Waterfront Liberation section would like to recognise the hard work and dedication of students who have done outstanding things during their in University

This year its saddens me that one of the best editors and writers Waterfront has ever seen will be leaving. Laura Fiteni, the former news editor has been awesome; someone who writes with courage and always speaks her mind regardless of the consequences. She’s taught to me to brave and not be afraid of what I put on paper as long as I am being authentic. Laura has overcome a lot of challenges while completing her degree; however she is always positive, strong, cheerful and full of faith. She never made excuses and won a lot of media awards during her time in Swansea. Laura was instrumental in exposing the Dean of the School of Management last year, as well as many other stories in Swansea University. She has written for sports, news, features and wherever an article needs to be written, Laura is always willing to do it. What is even more amazing is that she is also captain of the Taekwondo team.

The Liberation team would like to give recognition for your dedication to always being bold, strong, outspoken and generally being a superstar. We wish you the best and know with your work ethic and zeal for life you will achieve success in everything you do.

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