Men’s rowing club bran tackle for 2014 calendar


For the second year running, the men’s rowing team are baring all in a naked calendar due to go on sale this week.

The men’s senior rowing team threw away their kit for the photograph shoot at Swansea Marina.

“Despite the chilly conditions, we had fun shooting on a cold November morning and we hope to raise a lot of money from it,” says senior men’s captain, Matt Meyer.

“This is the first year Sports Swansea has really tried to back us financially, which has helped us grow and support taking on new members to the club.

“Having said that, we’re a developing club in a rich sport, so little fundraisers like this are always useful and help to raise the club’s profile both in the local community and hopefully on a wider scale.”

In the New Year, the rowing club plan to do additional fundraising for the club and charity causes.

To place your orders and check the cheeky outtakes from the shoot, search ‘Swansea University Rowing Club Naked Calendar 2014 on Facebook or catch them outside Fulton House towards the end of this week to get your hands on the exclusive calendar.

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