Move to ban The Sun and Daily Star voted down

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SWANSEA students have voted against a ban on the sale of The Sun newspaper on campus.

A motion in support of the ‘no more page 3′ campaign was put forward at last night’s student forum by Swansea Students’ Union women’s Officer, Rosie Inman, and seconded by LGBT+ officer  Rachel Hodgson, backed by the Feminist Society.

It suggested banning the sale of The Sun and The Daily Star in the students’ union Costcutter in order to take a stand against the photographs of topless women featured in both newspapers.

Women’s officer, Rosie Inman, spoke of the implications that the images in the newspapers had on society, describing page 3 as a cultural extreme. Many students in attendance showed their support by wearing tops sporting the message ‘No More Page 3.’

Her arguments were rebutted by students arguing that the proposed ban infringed on their rights to decide themselves what they would read, and brought up the issue of censorship.

Students present at the student forum called for parts 1 and 2 of the motion to be removed, leaving part 3 of the motion to go to an online student vote.

Parts 1 and 2 of the motion suggested that the union should discontinue stocking and selling copies of The Sun and The Daily Star until such a time that page 3 would be removed, and mandated representatives on the trustee board to stop the sale of the newspaper in the students’ union.

Part 3 of the motion, which resolves the union should openly support the national ‘No More Page 3′ campaign, will now be decided on in an online referendum.

Many students have taken to social media, with opinion being greatly divided on the issue.

Lewis Griffiths, a fourth year language student said: “Everyone has a right to an opinion, if these are to come from the aforementioned newspapers, then this should be respected. A newspaper is not and should not be influenced by a single page, and everyone will have their own view on the subject.

“Either let all papers be sold (freedom of thought) or don’t sell newspapers… then no one will be offended.”

Fred Kirby, a first year Politics and French student said: “There should be an effort to inform people of the harms done by such vile pages, but at the end of the day, we’re adults, and it’s insulting to imply that we can’t make an informed choice over what we buy.”

However, many students have argued in favour of the ban, with one student commenting that the ban was a “move in the right direction.”

Hilary Webb, a first year English Literature and French student said: “Any newspaper that thinks the right place for topless women is in an everyday family newspaper shouldn’t be supported by our generation. It’s outdated and just kind of weird that it still exists.”

Final year student Charlie Brilliant said: “They hardly make any money for the union, are probably the worst sources of information available and are degrading to women.”

On the announcement of the result of the student forum, student Rachael Legg said: “Seriously disappointed in the results of today. We are not dropping this!”

What do you think about the issue of page 3? Do you think the union should move to ban stocking and selling The Sun and The Daily Star in the Students’ Union? Let us know by commenting below.

A vote to affiliate the students’ union to the ‘No More Page Three’ organisation is available now >>
(You need to login to the SU website to vote)

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