Oceana megaclub to close Swansea venue


OCEANA have confirmed they are closing their Swansea venue this weekend due to reduced footfall.

A ‘closing down sale’ event will be held on Friday and Saturday nights, to mark the end of the six years of the megaclub in Swansea.

An Oceana Swansea spokesperson speaking to The Waterfront confirmed the closure was due the “location at the end of The Kingsway has proved too much of a challenge to attract the neccessary footfall.”

The move has come despite the parent company Luminar posting record profits of £3.4m, up significantly from a £198m loss two years ago.

Luminar entered into administration and was facing backrupcy in October 2011 and closed all but six of the venues.

Swansea was one of the most profitable clubs and remained open. It was later featured on Channel 4 documentary ‘Undercover Boss’.

The club has previously received strong criticism from feminists after the wake of banning of the pole fitness society, the ‘#GUILTY’ nights saw placards such as ‘slutdropping on the dancefloor’.

The drinks promotions at the club were branded as ‘ridiculous’ in court, by a solicitor representing a man who crashed after drink-driving.

Oceana still remains hopeful, with its spokesperson adding: “We are currently exploring alternative options to remain in the city.”

Students have been marking the closure and reminiscing on memories at the nightclub, with engineering student Tayo Sanwo saying “So sad that it’s closing.

Physics student Kate Gobey didn’t agree, commenting “Good riddance. That place was a cattle market.”

Product design student Rhian Cocker commented that she didn’t agree with the new branded nights this year: “I used to really like it when it had I Love Monday events, but I’ve not been since they changed it to #guilty”

The club spokesperson added what a tough choice it was: “We have consulted with our team and would like to thank our employees and our customers for their loyalty over the years. This has not been an easy decision; the management team has been involved with the club since it opened over 30 years ago but its location at the end of The Kingsway has proved too much of a challenge to attract the necessary footfall.”

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