OFFICERS’ CORNER: Tom Upton, Societies & Services Officer

THIS will sadly be my first and last Officers’ Corner as your societies and services officer.

It’s been a truly fantastic year, culminating in a couple of weeks at the annual students’ union awards, this year on campus for both the dinner, ceremony and after party.

The best part of my job is seeing and hearing about all of the fantastic things that our societies do on a day-to-day basis.

Whether it’s the Students In Free Enterprise (Sife) society winning national awards for all of their hard work this year, being invited to Playzone with geography (Crayola) society or granting funding for St John Links to buy training equipment, this job brings nothing but rewards.

It’s not always easy though, long and hard discussions take place often with the university manage-ment teams about what’s changing on campus and as the officer who this often directly effects, it’s normally my responsibility to find a solution.

We are very luck at our institution that often the ‘bombshells’ dropped on us aren’t without warning, but at times it can be a real challenge.

Looking to the future though, it is incredibly humbling to have now been elected and earned the role of president – elect.

My time at Swansea I think will go without comparison for the rest of my life.

The experiences, knowledge gained and people met have been truly unbelievable, and it is a real honour to defend all of these things for all of our students over the next year.

But I shall start as I mean to continue and leave you with some food for thought.

Change at our university often happens out of the blue and leaves everyone a little dazed andconfused.

This summer could see many of our services moving location and hopefully improving the quality of facilities on offer to you at our university.

What is important from the students’ union perspective, is that your new officer team are given the chance to find their feet and hopefully hit the ground running at a sprint in September.

We have a number of challenges ahead of us I am sure, but as president–elect, I will say here and now that each of them has my full and unwavering support and no matter what comes our way, we will react, respond to and do our best for all of our members, part and full time staff.

With our elected positions comes no real power, only responsibility and that is and shall always remain to represent you.

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