Pensioner blames students for driving him out of Brynmill


A 66-year old man is moving out of his lifelong home in Brynmill because of students.

David Wilson, a frequent critic of students at Swansea University, was born in the Bryn Road house, but claims he can no longer live there after most adjoining properties have become homes of multiple occupation (HMOs).

Speaking to the South Wales Evening Post, he said: “It is now just a student village. There are only three permanent residents in the street now out of 95 properties and there is no way back now. The families and the children have gone.

“About 11 years ago I had my property valued, and was told it was worth around £450,000.

“But I’ve recently been told it is probably now only worth £200,000.”

The average asking price for properties on Bryn Road in 2014 is £274k, a 216% increase from 1995.

Wilson continued: “We have a huge problem with mess that is left behind, with black bin bags being left there for months and months.”

Swansea Council earlier this year threatened ‘hefty fines’ for students who left refuse after they leave despite 62% of students not being able to access a civil amenity site.

A Swansea Council spokesperson said: “During the departure weeks it would not be fair to apply the three-bags rule to student properties,” although many students claimed that only three were taken, forcing many to leave black bags as they left.

A Swansea University spokesperson said: “Swansea University in conjunction with the Students’ Union, works hard to promote recycling and the responsible disposal of refuse, especially when students are due to vacate accommodation at the end of the academic year.

“It is unfortunate that on occasions a very small minority do deposit rubbish outside their accommodation, however this is predominantly general household waste in black bags and not large items such as sofas or cupboards. In order to provide a rapid response to such issues, a community liaison officer has been appointed.”

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