Purrfect ending for owner!

ashley and cat (Medium)

AN international student has become known as ‘the cat girl’ on campus, having decided to bring her pet cat, Tabitha, from America to Swansea.

Ashley Wilkinson, an Egyptology Masters student from California, brought Tabitha to live off-campus with her despite all of the complications involving last minute vets’ checks, microchips and wrongly filled out rabies vaccination certificates. Just getting her out of quarantine took over five hours.

Having been with Tabitha for 14 years, Ashley was keen not to leave her behind. Having had intensive surgery earlier this year, she became somewhat of a ‘therapy cat’, helping her with the recovery process. Also, Ashley felt that moving so far away would be helped by having her ‘very loving and very loyal’ pet with her.

Ashley said: “I do love Tabitha very much and I’m glad I brought her with me. She’s settled in quite nicely to Swansea.”

However, even she is finding the furore over the whole story hilarious: “I keep running into people on campus, and when I tell them I’ve brought my cat with me, they say “YOU’RE THE CAT GIRL! OMG!!!”

•Students are reminded that they are not allowed to have pets within student residences, whether on campus or in the student village, and to ask landlords permission if they are considering obtaining one.

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