SAS Lettings offer cooling off period for December contracts


STUDENT Accommodation Services are again allowing students to view houses from December onwards, offering a cooling period until January.

Previous welfare policies stated that students could start looking and signing contracts for private housing with SAS after 1 January.

Charlotte Britton, former welfare officer of the students’ union enforced this policy to stop students from rushing in to settling on a house early in the year.

Becky Grimes, current students’ union welfare officer explains the change:

“Historically we have run campaigns encouraging students not to sign until after Christmas, and we do still stand by this.

“However, there are groups of students who want to sign before Christmas, and will go to other agencies if they can’t go with SAS.

“Bringing forward the dates is simply giving students the option to view and sign for houses if they really wish to and we now offer a cooling off period up until the 31st January.”

Introduced this year, the cooling period allows groups that have major disputes, meeting certain criteria, to cancel the contract up until 31 January 2014 with no expenses made to the students.

This policy will be beneficial to students who find themselves in unfortunate situations with future housemates after signing the agreement.

“This cooling off period is something that no other letting agency or private landlord offers in Swansea, and makes sure that there are still options available for students who wish to sign earlier than January,” says Becky.

“There are plenty of houses in Swansea though, so there is no rush to sign!

“Make sure you get your contract checked over by the Advice Centre if you do go private, and if you’re being rushed into signing for somewhere, there’s usually a reason why!”

SAS, located on the lower floor, Fulton House offers housing from one to eight bed for Swansea University students.

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