‘Squillions’ of student sex workers says veteran


A FORMER madam working with the Sex Workers Project at Swansea University claims that students ‘flooding’ into the sex trade is having a detrimental effect.

Becky Adams, a sex industry consultant who owned brothels for 25 years, claims that the recent influx of students joining the industry to help pay their way through university is increasing competition and driving down prices.

Speaking to WalesOnline, Becky said: “The number of young people turning to sex work to pay their way through university has increased to the extent where the market is almost flooded with them… There are just squillions of them.”

“An hour used to be £150 in the 90s and now you can find an hour for £70 or £80.

“That is a result of supply and demand because there are so many more people at it.”

Although it is not clear quite how many students are involved in sex work, numbers have risen in recent years as university has become more costly than ever before.

A former student sex-worker who preferred to stay anonymous said that she worked alongside many other students doing webcam work and as a lap dancer.

She also said that she wasn’t surprised by the rise in students choosing to take up the profession: “I’m not surprised about student involvement, because at the end of the day the work is cash in hand.

“My motivation to do it was financial. Not everyone is in a position to be able to wait for a pay day, [and] that’s if they can get a job that fits around their studies in the first place.

“I wouldn’t put anyone off who wanted to do it, although I would give them a few pointers on what to watch out for!”

The Student Sex Worker Project, which began in June 2012, aims to promote learning and understanding about student sex worker needs and associated issues, as well as providing an innovative sexual health service for them.

This is due to the lack of associated research and policy on the topic. More information can be found on: www.thestudentsexworkproject.co.uk

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