Students angry over park gritting

STUDENTS have spoken out over their anger that Singleton Park, a main route into the university for thousands of students, has been left untreated during the recent spell of icy weather, leading to dangerous conditions.

As temperatures fell sharply, the park was not gritted as it has been in the past, leading to several students slipping in the park on their way to the university and some minor injuries.

Chloe Newman, a third year Social Policy student said: “I was walking to my morning exam and thought I should take the long way round the park as it looked safer.

“As it turned out, it really wasn’t. I fell over and landed on my thigh, resulting in a dodgy looking wet patch that I had to try and get rid of instead of revising.

“I’m lucky it was more funny than serious, but I could have really hurt myself.”

Ceri Davies from the Culture, Leisure and Tourism department at Swansea Council which is responsible for the park said: “Gritting Singleton Park has been done previously but has been overlooked this year. We don’t want anyone slipping over and injuring themselves and will look into gritting the route from Brynmill.”

Zahid Raja, Education Officer, was also hurt after falling over. He said: “I was walking into university around 8am so there was a good amount of light. I slipped, fell down and injured my knee.

“The council grits pathways that are going to be used lots and are very hazardous – thousands of students were going to use that path to get to university, so it’s an obvious area to grit.

“Students aren’t any less important than other people in the city, but the way we’re treated by the council certainly makes you feel that way. It’s all very awkward seeing as we bring in a huge amount of commerce into the city.”

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