Students warned over crime spate on campus

Students are being warned to be on their guard after criminals targeted campus and the student village in the very first week of term.

A student house at Hendrefoelan was burgled and on campus eight bicycles have already been reported stolen to police.

The thief climbed in through an open kitchen window of a block on the student village and stole food and drink.

“It was an opportune theft and that’s why we are warning students to keep their windows closed and their doors locked when they are not around to guard their belongings,” said PCSO Clive Dainton, who is based in room 5 in Cefn Bryn.

The police will be going around the village as part of Operation Freshers, looking for open windows and unlocked doors.

“If we find a ground floor open window in an unoccupied house we will put a cardboard hand through it to remind students that it could have been a thief’s hand,” said Clive.

Cyclists are also being warned to make sure they’ve got the right kind of locks on their bikes after eight were reported stolen on campus.

“That probably means even more have been taken as not all students report bike thefts to the police,” said Clive.

“Students should use solid metal D or U locks as they are harder to break. A thief can put their foot through a chain lock and snap it quite easily.”

The police are also reminding cyclists that they are not allowed to cycle on the pavement and at night cycles must be fitted with a white front and red rear light.

The police hold regular meet and greet sessions for students in JC’s bar. It’s a chance to discuss any concerns you may have.

Dates for upcoming ‘Cuppa with a Copper’ sessions are:

  • Wednesday 10th Dec 2014 @11am
  • Wednesday 7th Jan 2015 @ 11am

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