…But Students Would Prefer Parking on the Bay Campus


STUDENTS are looking forward to the new and improved facilities at the new Bay Campus, however, concerns and complaints have started to emerge regarding the lack of student parking anywhere across the massive 65-acre site.

According to the South Wales Evening Post, residents living near the Bay Campus site were told that £2 million in European funding had been granted to the project for parking in the area, however the local council claimed that this £2million was actually for developments around the Fabian Way area and not on campus.

With 917 study bedrooms opening in September 2015 and a further 545 bedrooms opening in January 2016, alongside thousands of second, third and postgraduate students studying on Bay Campus, it’s definitely a concern if there will be no places to park.

University has announced new bus services and a reduced bus pass rate. Nevertheless, a £300 annual bus pass and/or having to commute to Singleton Campus before getting the bus to Bay Campus could be an unnecessary hassle for students, many of which already drive to university and were expecting to drive to Bay Campus next year.

Daniel Farr, a first year Electrical and Electronic Engineering student explained that when Bay Campus was announced, he was “expecting enough parking spaces to accommodate a good number of the expected students” and that “if I can’t park there [at Bay Campus] then I am basically stuck next year. I’ll have to walk to Singleton campus early in the morning to catch a bus to Bay Campus.”

Many students have considered riding a bike to Bay Campus in September as they do not want to rely on the “overcrowded and often late Swansea buses”. First year Materials Science & Engineering student James Regan explained that a “moped or a bike or something that doesn’t take up too much space” is what he expects to be using next year, with Engineering student Richard Davis agreeing that “cycling is definitely an option” for getting to Bay Campus and escaping the no-parking issue.

With expectations of parking for bikes and a strong bus service, students hope to be able to commute easily and quickly between the two campuses, city centre and off-site accommodation like Hendrefoelan Student Village. However, unfortunately, we may have to wait and see.

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