Swansea students win on Bay library study spaces


By Rhydian Morris

Swansea University Student’s Union has recently announced a big win for students, who use the Bay campus library as a base of study. After strong campaigning and negotiation, Swansea University have decided to add 52 additional study spaces to the Bay campus site. In addition two Bay campus study rooms and one Singleton room have become self-bookable.

Study space availability has been a consistent issue for students studying at the Bay campus ever since its opening last summer, with limited practical individual and group study space available. This positive action by Swansea University and the library management will hopefully do much to address some of these problems.

The Union’s education officer Robiu Salisu announced the success on his officer Facebook page

“I’m really pleased to announce that after discussion with the Head of the University Library, there will now be additional 52 new study spaces on the Bay Campus.

Other Library good news follows as 2 study rooms on Singleton and 1 pod on Bay become ‘self-bookable’. You’ll soon find a link on the library page (click here for link) where you can book a time slot for up to 2 hours a day, 2 weeks in advance.”

Singleton library have also begun efforts to improve the recurrent issue of temperature in the library. Many students expressed significant frustration over the exam period, with many areas of the library being too hot to be utilised effectively as a study space. From the 25th July the library began to take steps to improve the library’s ventilation system, to hopefully improve the flow of air throughout the library. Whether this will be enough to ensure adequate cooling in the summer months remains to be seen.



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